Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Online and Offline Experiences Affect Us

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This after noon I was at a public sector bank for some regular work of my own account. I have been delaying it for a week or so. In India it is bit of struggle to get work done specially in public sector banks. But I noticed something nice they were doing. It affected me directly and indirectly. I had an experience in a way that I liked. I wanted my bank passbook to updated which is a minute job as everything is computerized. After finishing my actual work I thought of getting my passbook updated. I usually give it a pass as everything is available through internet and updating a passbook seems a waste of time. But being little traditional in sense and bank still following paper passbook. I do tend to get get it updated once in a while.

Online and Offline Experiences Affect Us

As I went to the desk where passbooks where getting updated. I noticed there was a blind or a girl who could hardly see was doing the job. I felt good that we as a society are growing and opening up doors to one's who are almost as capable as we all are. All they need is just a push or opportunity to prove. All fair all good. But I begin to get restless as time required will be more than normal. She was little slow as she would hear the account number and than efficiently key in number without delay. But that fraction of seconds and not so usual process was making me restless. We are use to have handing over passbook and wait till gets printed. So that delay was not a good feeling. May be I was feeling agitated inside. But soon something struck inside me about how we are courteous and vocal on facebook and twitter bought how we should help and take people into normal stream of life. Now it is a kind of opportunity to be part of that system and I am feeling restless. Soon the calmness prevailed and I felt privileged to be part of this "process". All we need is little mindfulness of the situation. I guess my presence on social media world did affected me to be mindful. The better sense will prevail. Just give some time to the situation. It helps not to the person in front of you but to you in the long run.

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