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Wedding Inquiry - How To Write An Email To Wedding Photographer

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A few days back I was part of online discussion of wedding photographers. An agitated photographer was ranting about an email he had received. The email was a wedding inquiry from a perspective client. He was in the bcc list of the sender. Photographer are emotional peeps. He was feeling offended in a way because it was addressed to him specially with all the standard elements of praise of the photographer. I think I can resonate with the thoughts what he was feeling. In-fact many photographers commented that they have received the same email as he had shared the screenshot of email hiding email and contact details of sender. In a matter a minutes the so many photographer came on-board of the thread

So why did the client send such emails. Why would a couple send an email to multiples photographers putting everyone in bcc or sometimes even in to list. Probably they are saving their time to send email to all the photographers. They wanted to check with multiple photographers about their offers which is fine. I think the approach can be little different. Lets try to see how ?

  1. Avoid sending exact same emails word to word.
  2. Don't use bcc/to list for sending emails.
  3. Avoid fancy praise of the photographer about how much you love his work. Be honest and praise only if you genuinely do. Photographer do sense that.
  4. Don't be too precise by sending one liners about packages or pricing.
  5. Share about when, where and what events you want it to be covered
  6. To engage or create interest for photographer, let him know how you find him/her. What aspect of his photography you liked or may be just share a line or two about the couple.
Photographers :

For photographers, even if they get not so friendly emails. They should try to take it calmly and understand that its okay to receive once in a while such email. Be professional and start conversation on email with relevant question about events, dates and/or about the couple. At the end of the day, it is still an inquiry and we value that.



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