Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Traffic Besides Me

1:21 PM

As I walk down the street on the footpath the noise of the traffic is passing uninterrupted through my ears. The vehicles running down the streets are trying get my attention with their head lights. But somehow they are unable to do so. There is a pleasant numbness in my body which usually is not the case. This is my regular 10 mins daily walk from office to home. I took a major decision in the office today. Is it the affect of what happened today in the office ? or I am just too exhausted to feel anything around me. I am able to move forward without any effort. It is so confusing. Who he was, who  just passed by me and said "Hello" with a smile. Why I just stared at him without emotions. Before I could react or understand, we just crossed each other. I don't remember if I knew him. But it seems he knew me well !

It is starting to drizzle very slowly. Drops of water are running down my face. Everyone around me has an umbrella but I am not carrying one. Why I should be carrying an umbrella ? It is an unexpected drizzle at an unexpected time of the year. Guess what I forgot my laptop in office. That is the only thing I carry daily. How can I forget that. But I am finally just few steps away from my building now. I just need to cross this road. This heavy traffic is unusual but I will be able to cross. I don't know when I stepped out of the footpath and I am on the road from nowhere. I stood puzzled and could not react. The light of the traffic pierced through my eyes. The sound of horns rushing from  one ear to the another. Suddenly someone pulled me back to the footpath or may be I instinctively did that. Damn ! I was about to run over by that speeding bus. I wanted to thank the unknown but couldn't. May be I was blinded by headlights or I was just panic stricken. I saw a silhouette just mingled into the crowd. It was strange. I don't know when I crossed the road with a thought on why I couldn't see that stranger. All of sudden I was on the other side of the road. The road that divide the world into two halves was still busy. I am now on the other side of the road, in-front of my building. The drizzle had stopped. The breeze has almost dried my face. The skin of my face was cold but clean. My office and the road was behind me as I entered my building.

There was no one in the corridor. There was no one in the lift not even the security guard. I could hear the my own steps. The sound of me walking. As I was fumbling with my door key. I could hear a faint sound of a child crying or sobbing or may be I was assuming. As the door opened, it was a child sobbing and talking to someone. I moved closer to that room to see what was happening. The sobbing child was my son. He was talking to the picture in his hand. He was sobbing "why did you leave me papa !" .. and I just smiled and said "hey I am back !". But he didn't notice me in the room. I slowly went close to him. Gently tried to take that picture away from him but I couldn't. I tried to talk with him but he was not responding. My face was wet again but this time it was with sweat or may it was always a sweat. "Oh I think I am in a bad dream .." "I need to wake up" In-spite of my efforts I am still in that dream. I need to talk to my son but I couldn't. May be it is not a dream !

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