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How To Bring Focus Back Into Our Lives

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How To Bring Focus Back Into Our Lives

So many times we end up tired and exhausted at the end of the day. We wondered what did we achieved and there are many days when are just exhausted mentally. We find issues in our time management and setting priorities. But there is one thing which goes unnoticed which add to the feeling of unfruitful day. Most of us are lacking focus in our daily lives. We are not able to focus on the present moment in whatever we are doing any given moment of time. Our mind is constantly wandering from one thought to the other. Its normal for our mind to wander. But we need to build an ability to focus on the present moment. It helps us to focus fully on task in our hand. We not only enjoy more whatever we are doing but as we can focus better, we end up doing it more efficiently. We will real happiness when we internally we know we given our best shot.

Let me share few simple tips on how to bring focus back into our lives

  1. Meditation & Mindfulness : Start your day with simply focusing on your breath. Try to do first thing in the morning. Spending 10-20 minutes is not a big ask on your own well being. You mind will wander when you meditate but bring back your attention to the "feeling" of breath through your nose. Don't be judgmental and guilty about mind wandering during meditation. Its normal just gently bring back your focus to breathing.
  2. Smartphone : Smartphones have become integral part of our lives. But they are major distractions as well. Turn of those notifications from various apps. We have become use of diverting our focus to those notifications. Our mind has become accustomed to frequently diverting to our phones.
  3. Internet : Internet is a biggest time consumer today. Refrain from staying always in on mode. Don't check email first thing in the morning. Have designated time for checking email or social media accounts.
  4. Enjoy your food : Make sure you enjoy your food and you are not distracted towards any conversations, thoughts or television. Feel the food you are eating in terms of taste, texture and chewing of food. You are focus on the food. It is a sort of meditation.
  5. Music : Listen to music to calm down and relax. Identify the instruments playing in a song. Enjoy the rhythm.

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