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Review VideoconD2H : Buying 4K Ultra HD or HD 3D DVR

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Review VideoconD2H
Review VideoconD2H
I am updating this post as and when I am getting update from VideoconD2H

Last week I saw the advertisement of VideoconD2H where they have introduced swanky new 4K Ultra HD STB. If you are planning to buy 4K STB then you have another choice apart from TATA SKY 4K HD STB. I am an existing owner of their normal 3D HD DVR and I will be sharing my past one year experience of ownership.

This blog post :

1) will provide info on actual experience of using their services, HD DVR and support.

2) will NOT provide any info 4K STB but it will give you an idea on what may be in store for you if you buy 4K STB. They are still not ready with a product which was launched almost 2 years back !!

Installation Experience :
Lets begin with installation part straight away. Installation was prompt and done within few hours of logging request on their website. Installation staff was courteous and well equipped for installation. The DVR provided was of 1TB ( ~ 1000GB ) and looked nice. The installation guys were keen on drilling the wall instead of using the internal pipe. As I was quite firm on that so they used that internal pipe for wire to reach my LED. The installation was complete within 2 hours. No complains here.

One Year Ownership Experience :
The response time of DVR box when you clicked any function on remote, was quite slow to my personal taste ( in comparison with my friend's TATA Sky ). The only exception was volume (up/down ) and channel buttons ( button ). Both the function were responsive and without any delay unlike other functions on remote. HD channels are generally sharp but I have noticed occasional drop in quality. HD channel quality works fine most of the time but is not consistent. The number of HD channels are more than TATA Sky.The top most plan ( Platinum HD ) which I opted is little cheaper from TATA Sky's HD pack. The BIGGEST disappointment is the recording and other features related to recording. Recording features is far from reliable. The DVR would miss scheduled recordings once in a while. If you are pause live TV or use their rewind/Fast Forward button frequently then the DVR hangs. The only way out when DVR hangs is to switch off the power which means you lose recording or live TV buffer. I noticed this within the first week of installation but no solution was provided. The response from ground engineers was so prompt that I "assumed" it would be sorted out by them. However my view changed over the next few months ( or an year ). The recording feature issue has till date not been rectified and I have been their guinea pig for last one year. My DVR was swapped twice and once even replaced it to brand new one. The new one was provided after few heated argument for not being able to provide solution even after swapping twice and a software upgrade. So inspite of buying a DVR and paying full amount for it, I have been devoid to enjoy the features of DVR. My DVR still hangs and/or becomes too slow to navigate. The FF/rewind is not accurate. It does not play the recordings from where you start playing after FF/Rewind so you have do it multiple times. This is quite annoying. Here is a video I recorded where screen goes blank while I change channels.

Support & Customer Service :
Customer support team is quite unreliable. They don't have any escalation matrix if your complaint is not getting resolved. No matter how old your complaint is, you have just two contacts at first level ie. email id ( ) and a toll free number listed on website. There is no other way to escalate the issue further and your stuck with same old lame responses from them. The ground staff of engineers who visit your site far better than those sitting behind the email and phone. You can easily sense the eagerness and willingness to resolve the problem which is totally absent in customercare team. Customer care team is useless who just take down your complaint. There have been case where my DVR hanging problem and recording issue was logged as some other complaint creating a confusion for me as a customer or ground engineer. Most of my complaints were marked as "CLOSED" by their system without even resolving it. So everytime I had to log a new complaint..

My Ratings for Service/Support Team and comments:

  1. Toll Free number Team : 1 out of 5 - Courteous but of no use. Most of the time they will promise to call back in 30mins and don't even return calls unless you are talking to supervisor/team lead. All their calls are routed through Noida/Ghaziabad number but they will mostly be calling from your "Circle" only. In first week of Feb 2015, I talked to a guy named "Amit", he was quite good to talk to and escalated my feedback to his supervisor also. But after couple of days he called me up from a pune landline number urging me to drop a "good" feedback email at Wow ! 
  2. Ground Engineer : 4 out of 5 - Hardworking but cannot be a help as DVR software has issue. I constantly interacted with engineer named "Nitin" who visited my site multiple times in last one year. He seemed genuinely earnest hard working fellow and tried everything he could do to resolve my problem. He was the only silver lining and kept my faith in D2H. 
  3. QA/Circle Team : 2 out of 5 - Reluctant to acknowledge the problem. It took one year for videoconD2H to send some from quality team to visit my site and check why my problem persists. The quality guy named "Mukund" visited my home on 26-Jan15. Yes he visited along with Nitin on a holiday. He saw all the problems including DVR hanging. He informed his team over phone and committed some one from D2H will contact me for further course of action. No one contacted me ever ! I called Mukund multiple times in his office in Pune and requested to talk to his head. He always lied to me that Boss is busy and will call me in 30 mins. The call never happened.
  4. Management : No Rating - I have contacted the below people through email who I believe are from management team. I am waiting to hear from them before I rate them ( update : I have finally received a response due to my email to below people. I will be updating this soon with my complete conversation and communication with D2H. Final Update : DVR money was refunded by VideoconD2H )

Anil Khera -
Himanshu Patil -
Rohan Bhatia -
Nodalofficer Maharashtra -

Final Thoughts & Current Status :
The VideoconD2H DVR is a total FAILURE. Unofficially their quality team has accepted after one year that  their software in DVR has issues and they were able to replicate it. So the customers are getting faulty products. From last one month I have been trying to get a REFUND but there is no one in the management who has officially contacted me. I made a formal request for closure of connection and refund on 1-FEB-2015 with a deadline of 08-FEB-2015 but no one contacted me and my connection is still on. I am trying to contact CNBC Awaaz Pehredaar team for escalating the issue. I am also looking at legal options right now for the insufficient services provided and harassment I had to go through. Also I got trapped by buying 6 month/ yearly pack with them assuming I won't face any issues. Investing in a DVR was a waste of time as well as energy.

STAY AWAY From VideoconD2H DVR or other high end technology product like 4K Ultra HD. They have bugs in their software that handles these technologies.

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Akshay said...

Wondering what prompted to chose D2H over ever reliable TATA SKY ??

Ramya said...

Thanks for sharing .. I think 1 year is way too long to wait for solution .. my two cents .. did they refund the entire money ? did mgmt team responded appropriately ?

gagan said...

This thing works fine now. I understand all the pain you had to go through but their DVR is one of the best in market at the moment.

Navdeep Soni said...

Hi Gagan,

I really they have sorted this now as its more than a year now. Unfortunately there aren't much options of DVR in Indian Market. Its Videocon or TataSky rest all are on pen drives which is too lame.



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