Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Divine Almost - Silhouette Of Sikh Boy

5:58 PM

I am in a way reviving this blog from today. The last time I blogged over here was in May 2013. It is almost a decade old blog primarily started to blog the pictures but in last one decade there has been many changes with Flickr getting popular in 2005-2006 and then Facebook being the favorite online hangout from the last 4 years. I could never think of how I could effectively use this blog. Now as we are well into 2014, I am planning to be more active from here with my non-wedding photography work and some random thoughts not limited to just photography.

Today's picture is of a  young sikh boy traveling in the airplane in India enjoying the direct sun rays from the window. I shot this with Samsung galaxy S3 last year and converted it into black and white using snapseed.

This one goes into my new series "PhotoOpportunity" ( using a label here). As per Wikipedia, PhotoOpportunity, is an opportunity to take a memorable and effective photograph of a public figure or some notable event. But I am redefining it as an opportunity where you saw some amazing composition with your eyes and grabbed the opportunity to freeze it with whatever camera was  available at that time. I personally use mobile phone camera a lot as it is easy to use and you can click something quickly.

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Started this as a photoblog initially but now using it as a blog to share my thought and experiences.



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