Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gurbani At Hollywood Gurdwara

10:02 PM

Gurbani At Hollywood Gurdwara

Gurupurab being celebrated across the world today.

Location: Hollywood Gurdwara, Pune

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diya_apstop@yahoo.co.in said...

hey hi, i'm aparna. can u give me the name of the song that is played on the local tv channel (the 1 which comes with a set-top box) about the gurbani recital in hollywood gurudwara....i'm not a sikh...while watching movies on that channel, that audio of the gurbani is played with a foto of gurudwara in the bacdrop...i'd like to know what that song is...i tried googling it but got very confusing results, besides m not a punjabi n dont understand the language as well...

Nisha said...

Hi can you ps provide me with the address of Hollywood guruwdara please.

Editor said...

@Nisha : Please provid me your email id .. will provide you details


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