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    Second Home : Chandigarh

    Having lived in Chandigarh for almost 8 years. It is like a second home. Although logically I am not sure when in future I will go back to chandigarh as I don't have any connection from the city but my heart says "very soon". The city life of chandigarh is binding. One just gets use to of its culture, roads, roundabouts, markets and its organised life.

    This is a very popular market of Sector 22D, Chandigarh. I picked this shot from my archives. It was clicked somewhere in July 2007 .

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    Olivier Jules said...

    beautiful shot!!

    navin said...

    Chandigarh in indeed a very nice place. I live in Bombay and am sick of the cramped place. It is so nice to go to a place where you can walk without having to rub shoulders with people, where you can drive on roads that are free from potholes and traffic jams and best of all, go to a place like this or the sector 17 market and pay just 5 bucks for car parking.

    Navdeep said...

    @Olivier: Thanks !

    @Navin: I fully agree with you.

    Ajab said...

    oh wow!!! really beautiful pic!



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