Friday, March 30, 2007

Cape Gooseberries

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Cape Gooseberries ( or Physalis peruviana ) is a species of Physalis. The fruit is a small round berry, about the size of a marble, full of small seeds. It is bright yellow when ripe, and very sweet, making it ideal for baking into pies and making jam ( Wiki ).The most notable feature of the Cape Gooseberry is the single lantern-type pod (calyx) that covers each berry, the feature that gives the gooseberry its "caped" appearance. This part should not be eaten.

The plant has been used as a diuretic for various urinary problems. It is used to make a sparkling wine. Hindu legends mention water tasting sweeter after eating gooseberries.

Another Update ( 16-Sep-2008 ): Voted as Noteworthy on PhotoFriday Challenge. Thank you all for voting.

Update ( 16-Oct-2007 ): Voted as Noteworthy on PhotoFriday Challenge. Thank you all for voting.

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KAUSHAL said...

hey!! do join blogger's brigade..
u seems to be a new in blogging

Darkness said...

I say tomato, you say tomato. Hey, that didn't work here. Great shot! :-)

Shanker Bakshi said...

Hello Navdeep,
I like all the pictures very much, i would like to give some detail about your blog and want to use some pictures on my blog Plz let me know if you allowed it to share few nice words about your photoblog at


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Anonymous said...

nice pic ! And I was really enjoying your site.

Büşra said...

thanks for sharing..

Framed and Shot said...

Congratulation on your Photo Friday Award.
This was a very beautiful and far from ordinary shot of something ordinary! Love the colors
Great work!

Lovesleatherphotographalbums said...

Loving the photos

The Organic Gardener said...

What unique fruit, my brother and I are currently eating some of these dried fruits; they are so yummy, sour, and sweet.

Thanks for the wonderful picture. By the way, what zones does this fruit grow in?

Olivier Jules said...

amazing colours!


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