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    @ 2700 Feet

    @ 2700 Feet

    Height : Around 2700 feet.
    Location : Fagu Village, Shimla.
    Date: 24-Dec-2006 / 11:30 AM.

    Fagu is around 22 km from Shimla on the Shimla-Narkanda road, about 5km from Kufri. Fagu is popular for its apple orchards and forests. A picturesque place for camping.

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    Ashok said...

    A Beautiful place... Nice blog... I am putting you on my blogroll buddy

    Iris said...

    This is lovely! Came here form flickr....and reached your flickr while romaing around ehre and there a bit! Simla and the palces around are evry clsoe to my heart! Ive spent quite a bit of time there and it feels so pleasant to see these pics:-)

    fredamans said...

    What a wonderful view!


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